Water Wheels - Floating Wheelchair
Water Wheels - Floating Wheelchair
Water Wheels - Floating Wheelchair

Provides easy access onto the beach or other soft terrain, sea and pools.

Water Wheels is a floating wheelchair which enables people with disabilities or limited movement the ability to enjoy the experience of swimming due to its floatable armrests and tyres. Wheelchair users now have the opportunity to be rolled and floated right out into the water but the chair is also perfect for soft terrain including sand, grass, snow, gravel, etc. The chair is designed to give all users the ideal outdoor experience, including the beach, sea, lake, waterpark and pool safely. Water Wheels has been designed with the movement and comfort of the user in mind. Its front fork made of stainless steel will absorb every shock and last forever, providing users with long lasting comfort so they can relax, recline, swim or simply enjoy the outdoors!

The Waterwheels chair is lightweight, yet sturdy, is highly durable and easy to maintain, constructed of lightweight stainless steel and highlights a breathable, mildew-resistant mesh seat that will dry quickly out of the water, along with puncture-resistant and non-corrosive balloon flotation tires. These tires additionally give the wheelchair extra stability which makes them resistant to tipping on rough terrain in or out of the water. Specifically recommended for use in various aquatic therapies, this is also the perfect chair to take to the beach. Highly visible yellow floats on the arms combined with the flotation tyres transform this all-terrain wheelchair into a relaxing, comfortable water float device.

Now wheelchair users don’t even have to leave their seats or worry about transfers and lifts with this fun new floating wheelchair. Just roll on out into the water and float away to your heart’s content! Safe, secure and comfortable Water Wheels is easily assembled and disassembled in less than a minute without the use of tools. The wheelchair folds flat to enable you to store away or transport in any vehicle until your next use!

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Water Wheels - Floating Wheelchair Specifications
Standard Features:
Seat width 18"
Seat depth 17"
Seat height (from ground) 18"
Chair length 64"
Chair width 42"
Chair height 47"
Chair weight

Front wheel

12" x 6.5"

Rear wheel

16" x 7.5"

Weight capacity


Wheel axles

Stainless steel

Folding aluminium frame


Stainless steel fork


Salt water resistant


PVC flip up armrest

Detachable floating armrest  
Seat fabric water resistant, ventilated  
Backrest 3 sections - Angle adjustable per 10 degress - 110 to 130 degrees  
Chest & leg belt