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The Biggest Range Of Pool Lift Solutions

We have sourced only the best spa hoists and pool lifts available in the market. We have solutions to provide step free access to water activities for every type of application including swimming pools, hot tubs, swim spas and open water swimming.

Over 20 Years Of Experience

We work closely with our sister company, The Platform Lift Company who specialises in the design, build and installation of home and platform lift solutions. This means our customers benefit from our combined expertise in providing disability access solutions.

A Friendly Personal Service

As a family run business we take customer service very seriously. We are always at the end of the phone during working hours to answer your questions and to make sure your delivery and installation is carried out to your satisfaction.

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East Riding Haltemprice Leisure

East Riding Haltemprice Leisure

East Riding Haltemprice Leisure required a pool lift solution to make its small pool accessible and inclusive to all. The Pool Lift Company were asked to provide a suitable portable pool lift solution.

With a fixed pool hoist already in place for the large swimming pool, East Riding Haltemprice Leisure were eager to find a solution for its small pool which has steps. This would enable ...

Precision-made pool lifts from mobility experts

We believe swimming should be accessible to all; the movement of the body in water offers a profound sense of freedom for those with limited mobility or patients in rehabilitation. A pool lift or pool hoist as they are also commonly known, is an ideal access solution which lifts and lowers a person with physical disabilities into and out of a pool or swim spa in a dignified manner.

Our range of carefully selected swimming pool lifts from renowned manufacturers has been designed to meet the ergonomic requirements of people with disabilities or limited movement or balance.

Our portable pool hoists provide an easy access solution to in-ground swimming pools

We have a range of popular portable pool lifts to move people safely into and out of a swimming pool or swim spa. These stylish products provide an ideal solution to transport people with limited mobility from the changing room to the pool side and back again before being neatly stored away.

FAQ about portable pool hoists

  • A portable pool lift is also known as a pool hoist.
  • A portable pool lift or pool hoist device is suitable for a pool or swim spa which is at ground level where the person is being lifted down into the water. If there is a wall or a raised edge, then you will need a fixed pool lift.
  • Modern day products have a motor for lifting and lowering. The elite Panda Pod is also motor-driven which means the operator can drive it forward and backwards with minimal effort.

Our pool lift experts can help advise you on the right access product for your private pool, commercial swimming pool, hotel, or spa. Please get in touch.

Fixed Pool Lifts provide permanent access to in-ground and above ground swimming pools

We have a wide range of Fixed Pool Lifts/Hoists to suit every type of budget from the state-of-the-art Pool Pod to the more affordable EZ Pool Lift range. Installation is carried out by our qualified engineers to provide a permanent access solution for your swimming pool or swim spa.

FAQ about fixed pool lifts

  • A Fixed Pool Lift provides a permanent access solution. We also have models that can be repositioned or stored away when not in use. A Fixed Pool Hoist can be specified for inground, deck level, if the swimming pool or swim spa has a wall, is above ground or has a raised edge.
  • Most Fixed Pool Hoists have a battery-assisted lift and lower function, but we also offer a manually operated product (Manual EZ Pool Lift) as an affordable option. Pool hoists also come with waterproof controls, giving the person complete autonomy in getting in and out of the water.

All our products meet safety regulations, offer great functionality and feature state-of-the-art technology

You can be reassured that our products comply with DDA regulations and are CE Marked to indicate that they conform with relevant EU directives regarding health and safety.