F100 & F100M Pool Lift


Features of the F100 & F100M Pool Lift:

  • Lifting capacity 140kg
  • 1750mm High
  • Wall Clearance 1200mm
  • UK Wide Installation
  • Non-motorised version available

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F100 & F100M Pool Lift Details

Introducing the F100 and F100M, your fixed, motorized pool hoists designed for walled pools and hot tubs, ensuring seamless accessibility for individuals of all abilities. Whether you have an above-ground or walled swimming pool made of concrete, wood, or plastic, these hoists provide an ideal solution.

The F100 features automatic lift and lower capabilities with a manually operated rotating arm, while the F100M takes it a step further with automatic lifting, lowering, and a motorized rotating arm, offering enhanced convenience.

Both models are engineered to facilitate safe and smooth water access for individuals with disabilities, the elderly, or those with limited motor capabilities. Perfect for both indoor and outdoor pools, the F100 and F100M redefine accessibility.

Installation is straightforward, anchoring to a concrete block measuring 60x60x60 cm using 8 pins. This secure anchorage ensures stability, making the F100 and F100M reliable choices for your pool or hot tub, enhancing the overall aquatic experience for everyone.

Frequently Asked Questions

Yes, your pool lift includes a 12-month warranty that covers free maintenance and service.
We will provide delivery time guidance based on the make and model of your pool lift. Generally, our aim is to deliver products within 14 days.
If you are chronically sick or disabled and the pool lift is for your personal or domestic use, you may qualify for VAT exemption. This exemption also applies if you are a registered charity primarily working with handicapped individuals. To avoid VAT charges, you can provide exempt information during the checkout stage on our website.
Installation of the fixed pool lift involves the need for a 600mm x 600mm square concrete base. We furnish you with the necessary specifications for the concrete base, which you can provide to your chosen builder. Subsequently, one of our installers will coordinate with you to arrange a suitable time for fixing the pool lift in place.
Our installation team can efficiently complete the installation of the fixed pool lift within a 2-hour timeframe.
No, an electric supply is not required. All our motorized lifts come equipped with a removable rechargeable battery, similar to most modern devices.
Yes, it’s permissible to leave your fixed pool lift outdoors; however, we recommend acquiring a protective cover from us. For added convenience, some of our pool lifts have detachable elements, facilitating easy storage. Additionally, our portable pool lifts are designed to be compact for convenient storage.

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