Portable Pool Lifts

Our Portable Pool Lifts provide a safe user-friendly access solution

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Our Portable Pool Lifts are designed to provide a safe user-friendly access solution

We have a range of portable pool lifts/hoists that can lift people safely into and out of a swimming pool. These stylish products also provide an ideal solution to transport people with limited mobility from the changing room to the pool side and back again before being neatly stored away.

What you need to know about a portable swimming pool lift/hoist

A portable swimming pool lift is also called a hoist. Essentially products which refer to a hoist are also a lift – there is no difference. A portable pool lift device is suitable for any swimming pool which is ground level and the person is being lifted down into the water. Please note if there is a wall or a raised edge, then you will need a fixed swimming pool lift.

Modern day swimming pool lifts/hoists have a motor for lifting and lowering. The elite Panda Pod is also motor driven which means the operator can drive it forward and backwards with minimal effort. This is a good option if pool side is located some distance away from the changing room. 

Safety and comfort

All our portable pool lift/hoists meet safety regulations, offer a high level of functionally and feature state of the art technology. Our pool lift experts can help advise you on the right access product for your private pool, commercial swimming pool, hotel or spa.

Each product provides ultimate comfort for their users and provide a more sophisticated way of reaching the water from the changing room. Choose from a range of stylish designs.