Panda Pod Pool Lift

From £9920

Features of the Panda Pod Pool Lift:

  • Lifting Capacity 145kg
  • Maximum seat depth 900mm
  • Automatic integrated braking system
  • 2 year warranty
  • Uk Wide Installation available


A powered, portable lifting hoist with a unique electric propulsion system

A top of the range fully motorised, mobile pool lift with automatic traction. Panda Pods unique electric propulsion system, similar to a powered pallet truck, makes this the easiest lift to use available in the UK.  The swimmer can be transported direct from changing rooms to poolside with no requirement for a wheelchair & no effort by the operator except for steering into position.

Once the lift is in position at the poolside, the chair is lowered into the water by an attendant operating the controls on the lift control panel.  An optional handset control is also available for this machine.

The Panda Pod has an amazing 8 safety features as standard along with a manual emergency operating system in case of electric failure.

For a quotation please contact our sales team on 01256 896000 and we will be happy to discuss the options in more detail.

Delivery & Installation

Delivery to UK Mainland costs £300 and includes unpacking and product demonstration where required.

Overseas delivery available, please ask for details.


Does my pool lift come with a warranty? - Yes, we provide a 12 month warranty which includes free maintenance and a service.

How quickly will my pool lift be delivered? - We will advise you on delivery times depending on the make and model but as a guideline we aim to deliver products within 14 days.

Am I VAT exempt? - We will issue you with a VAT exemption form to complete and then we take care of the rest.

How are fixed pool lifts installed? - To install the fixed pool lift we require a 600mm x 600mm square concrete base. We provide the required specification for the concrete base for you to pass onto your chosen builder. One of our installers will then arrange a suitable time to fix the pool lift in place.

How long does it take to install a fixed pool lift? - Our installation team can achieve fixing of the pool lift within a 2 hour period.

Do I need an electric supply? - No, like most modern devices there is a removable rechargeable battery.

Is it ok to leave my pool lift out in the winter? - Yes, you can leave your fixed pool lift outside but we recommend purchasing a protective cover from us. The Super Power EZ is detachable allowing for storage. Portable pool lifts are designed to be compact for easy storage.

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