Blu-Pod Portable Pool Lift
Blu-Pod Portable Pool Lift
Blu-Pod Portable Pool Lift
Blu-Pod Portable Pool Lift

A compact, portable, motorised pool lift.

The best-selling Blu Pod is a modern, safe and comfortable device used to transport disabled, elderly and people with limited motor capabilities.  This compact lift is well suited to busy swimming pools with lots of disabled visitors, thanks to the hydraulic motor which will potentially outlast electronic equivalents.  On the market for over 10 years, the Blu Pod can transfer users from the changing room to the pool side in a safe, comfortable and functional manner. Really easy and simple operation, the Blu Pods compact size makes it particularly easy to manoeuvre in smaller spaces.

Once the lift is in position at the poolside, the chair is lowered into the water by an attendant operating the controls on the lift control panel.

The Blu Pod has 6 safety features along with a manual emergency operating system in case of electric failure.

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Blu-Pod Portable Pool Lift Specifications
Technical Information:  
Maximum lifting capacity 110kg
Maximum arm travel 1150mm
Depth of seat below deck level 600mm
Time of lowering with weight 23sec
Time of lifting with weight 17sec
Machine weight 120kg
Safety Features:  

Handbrake - The up/down controls will not operate unless the handbrake is set 


Emergency manual pump - To be used in case of electrical power failure


Rubber stoppers between front and rear wheels to prevent the lift from falling into water


As the arms lower, two steel rubber capped supports provide additional stability


Emergency button


2 point safety belt


Standard Features:


CE Certified

Battery 24V  
Hydroelectric box  
Starting Key  
Battery charger  
Braking system on wheels, electrically controlled witch off/on from handlebars  
Autonomy - 50 cycles  
Control panel with UP and DOWN buttons, battery level indicator and emergency stop button  
Manual emergency operating system in case of damage in electric system  
Safety braking system by means of stoppers in case of excessive approach to the water  
Zinc coated steel frame + powder coating finish  
2 point safety belt  
12 month warranty  
Optional Extras:  
4 or 5 point safety belts  
Leg holder