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Features of the SEATRAC:

  • Provides unassisted disability access to open water activities
  • Easily installed within just two hours
  • Solar powered
  • UK and Ireland delivery


SEATRAC provides unassisted sea access to people with disabilities and mobility issues across sand, pebbles, and other tricky terrains. The user mounts the chair which is fixed to a track system and uses the waterproof remote control to slide the chair down into the sea. The chair can be recalled with the remote control to either end of the track. Typically, SEATRAC is offered to the public as a disability access service during the summer season. We can provide additional remote controls which can be used on other beaches where another SEATRAC is installed.

Delivery & Installation

We will arrange a site visit to access the suitability of SEATRAC to the environment. The Pool Lift Company will deliver and install SEATRAC. Training will be provided on the operation and dismantling of the product. Additional remote controls can be ordered. During the winter months SEATRAC can be dismantled within a two-hour period. All the components can be neatly stored or transported within a 3m² space.


SEATRAC can be adapted to accommodate different lengths of beaches or gradients. It is also suitable for lakes and other areas where access to water activities is required. The whole device is solar powered and can be installed easily within just two hours without any impact or alteration to the surrounding environment.

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