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We have sourced only the best spa hoists and pool lifts available in the market. We have solutions to provide step free access to water activities for every type of application including swimming pools, hot tubs, swim spas and open water swimming.

Over 20 Years Of Experience

We work closely with our sister company, The Platform Lift Company who specialises in the design, build and installation of home and platform lift solutions. This means our customers benefit from our combined expertise in providing disability access solutions.

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As a family run business we take customer service very seriously. We are always at the end of the phone during working hours to answer your questions and to make sure your delivery and installation is carried out to your satisfaction.

Making beaches around the UK accessible

People in a wheelchair or those with limited mobility may struggle to gain access to the sea and open water activities because of tricky terrains. Not only is it hard to push a wheelchair in the sand, but our UK beaches can also be rocky, pebbly and rarely provide level access. To overcome these barriers, the Pool Lift Company has partnered with the best manufacturers of all terrain wheelchairs and beach access products including the innovative SEATRAC.

New innovative beach access product for wheelchair users

There are a few simple ways to achieve wheelchair-friendly beaches including roll out ramps and building a boardwalk, but SEATRAC is proving to be by far the best access solution.

Consisting of a track system with a moveable chair, SEATRAC helps people with mobility issues to independently gain access to open water activities like swimming. The remote-control chair can be moved along the track into the water and then back out to the original starting point. SEATRAC is solar-powered, making it energy efficient. Find out more.

Recommended beach wheelchairs for easier access to water activities

A beach wheelchair is also an effective way to gain access to the beach. We recommend WaterWheels® which not only provides wheelchair users with easier access to the beach but also it floats in the water for a truly immersive experience. It is designed so the user can comfortably sit in a reclined position in an ergonomic chair.

Finding destinations with disabled access to the beach

Beaches with boardwalks provide level access for wheelchair users; there are also beaches that promote themselves as fully accessible because they have great disabled facilities. This includes having facilities like WaterWheels® or other types of beach wheelchairs available for hire. Look up wheelchair-friendly beaches near me with easy access.

We are also working hard to introduce SEATRAC to create more accessible beaches in the UK and Ireland. SEATRAC has already made over two hundred beaches accessible in popular holiday destinations such as Greece. If you are looking for a holiday destination which has easy access to the beach, then check out this beach guide.