Which Pool Lift is Right For Me?

Which Pool Lift is Right For Me?

When deciding on a pool lift or hoist, several factors should be considered. Firstly, who will use the lift? Also, will someone be available to operate the lift, and will the lift need to be fixed or portable? Should it be powered or hydraulic and, of course, what is the budget for the lift?

Who Will Use the Lift?

Anyone who enjoys spending time in the water, and who has reduced mobility, will benefit from the installation of a pool lift. However, different specifications of pool lifts exist for different needs. A busy sports centre supporting wheelchair sports might choose a platform pod lift which can be used independently. An accessible public pool which encourages the attendance of swimmers and their carers might choose a Blu Pod swimming pool hoist. A home pool user might choose the power-operated portable panda-pod pool hoist. For those needing the security of a fixed wall hoist for spa or even dockside use, the F-series poolside hoists can also be considered.

Types of Pool Lifts Available

The contemporary pool-pod platform lift can be used by a wide range of swimmers. The wide flat platform allows for standing and wheelchair use, and operation is with an electronic wristband, so there’s no need to ask for assistance. The lift is powered by a rechargeable battery which lasts for 20 cycles.

A Blu pod swimming pool hoist is a very practical manual lift which can be operated after basic training. The user can transfer to the hoist from the dressing room and travel to the poolside or mount the lift from the poolside to enter the water. An operator is required to place the wheel brake on and lower the seat into the pool.

The power-operated portable panda-pod pool hoist is the ideal lift for home pool use. The model is small and easy to manoeuvre with a control bar with automatic traction. It is effortless to operate and easy to move in and out of the pool area.

The F-series poolside hoist is a hydraulic DDA-compliant fixed stable pool lift with an attached seat and is available for deep and shallow pools. The operator uses a handset and a control box to comfortably lift the user from the poolside into the water.

Advice and Installation

Deciding to install a pool lift is a serious undertaking. For this reason, we are committed to providing the very best impartial advice on all lifts, their costs and their installation. Our holistic approach to swimming pool hoist and lift installation guarantees the best results. From pre-delivery site inspection to commissioning and swimming pool or spa operator training, our method ensures your lift will be up and running successfully in the most timely and cost-efficient manner possible.