Pool Lift Funding

Pool Lift Funding

The advantages of water-based exercise are well established. A cursory glance at the National Health Service website will provide ample evidence-based expert opinion that it promotes health, fitness, self-esteem, mood and general well-being. These benefits are wonderfully democratic: they apply to everyone, irrespective of physical or other limitations. For this reason, many swimming facilities are actively trying to find ways to facilitate water activity for the entire community and finding that the installation of pool hoists or lifts is a safe and dignified way to ensure that pools are accessible to everyone. Financing a pool lift can, of course, be challenging in the current economic environment, but there are organisations which can help fund your project. In this short piece, we look at the routes open to those seeking assistance to acquire a pool lift.

Sport England

Sport England was established to help encourage and support sports and exercise for everyone through investment in inclusive developments. The public body is able to provide grants and funding through a relatively simple application process. To date, it has helped finance a range of inspiring projects, including pool hoists. It can also offer guidelines on design and ergonomics to help you maximise the benefits of your new equipment.

Swimathon Foundation

The Swimathon Foundation is a renowned charity which works in collaboration with the Swimming Trust and British Swimming to distribute funding for community swimming programmes and has already brought significant support to numerous worthwhile swimming programmes throughout the British Isles. It describes itself as being passionate about the extension of the joy of swimming to everyone, and it welcomes applications for grants and funding from groups and individuals who promote swimming in their local community.

Big Lottery

The Big Lottery Fund works to support those people and organisations whose central objectives involve improving the quality of life in their local communities. It encourages applications from those with the energy and vision to make a real difference in people’s lives and has, since its inception, given numerous donations to swimming facilities throughout the UK.

Local Charities

There are, of course, many charities whose main efforts are directed towards their immediate community. The London Marathon Charitable Trust, for instance, offers funding to local causes. That said, individuals running in the London Marathon or Great North Run, for example, can be encouraged to take up your cause, and local schools, churches, community funds and even local businesses or branches of national companies such as Tesco or Wetherspoon can help with fundraising. This type of enterprise appeals to community pride and really warrants investigation.

If you are considering acquiring a pool lift, companies such as The Pool Lift Company can offer advice, support and assistance on practical issues, including funding and financing.