Nothing Gets In The Way Of The Pelican Pool Lift

Press Release - 11th March 2021

The Pelican Pool lift, a revolutionary new portable pool lift solution suitable for above and below ground swimming pools and hot tubs, is now available from the Pool Lift Company.

Customers who have been limited to fixed pool lift solutions for above ground swimming pools and hot tubs can now enjoy the benefits of a portable option. The Pelican Pool lift is the first portable pool lift able to overcome architectural barriers such as walls or raised edges (up to 50 cm high) thanks to its advanced technical features.

The Pelican Pool lift has a maximum lifting capacity of 140kg and a travel of 1600mm. The seat can be automatically moved up/down, left/right using the mobile push-button panel. This practical seat rotation system enables users more autonomy getting in and out the water.

The Pelican Pool lift can be used to transport people with reduced mobility from the changing room to the pool side and provides dignified access into the water. Safety features include a manual brake on the rear wheels, side stabilizers and an emergency button. The Pelican Pool comes with a 2-point safety belt (4 and 5 safety belts optional extras), removable leg supports, adjustable armrests and a headrest.

The compact design and folding seat make this product a great space-saving solution which can be conveniently stored away. The Pelican Pool is affordable, durable and offers ease of use with its removable rechargeable battery.

For more information, please contact our sales team.