How Do I Maintain My Pool Lift?

How Do I Maintain My Pool Lift?

The use of a pool lift makes it easier for people with disabilities to access swimming pool facilities. But whether they’re used privately or commercially, they require regular maintenance if they’re to continue to give reliable, trouble-free operation.

Everyday Care

There are various makes and models of pool lifts available – both portable units and fixed installations. They all require day-to-day care, and by following a few simple tips, you can ensure your lift is reliable and has a long working life.

On every day that the lift is used it should be rinsed with clean fresh water to get rid of any pool chemicals. It’s also a good idea while cleaning to check for any damage and signs of staining so that these things can be caught and corrected early. Once a month it should have a more thorough clean with a mild soap solution in order to remove surface dirt. To help protect the lift, it should be treated with wax once a year – ordinary car wax can be used for this.

Regular Maintenance

As well as cleaning, it’s important to remove any staining or rust as soon as it occurs. If you leave it, it will be harder to get off. You can use a nylon brush and mild cleanser to do this as required.

It’s also important to ensure that the batteries are fully charged. This is more important for swimming pool lifts in commercial and public environments, where they may be required for use at any time. If the lift is in regular use, it’s a good idea to keep two sets of batteries so that one can be used whilst the other is charging. To prevent corrosion, dielectric grease should be applied to the battery terminals on a regular basis.

Finally, the lift should be regularly lubricated according to the maker’s recommendations in order to keep it running smoothly.


Lifts are often supplied with covers to protect them while they’re not in use. This is ideal for private pools, but for public pools the lift needs to be available for use all the time the pool is open, so the cover needs to be taken off to allow for easy access.

If you need any help with the maintenance and care of your lift, then Pool Lifts’ customer service team are always happy to offer advice. A team of engineers is available to offer help in maintaining lifts and keeping them in tip-top condition, with spare parts available to fix any faults.

A pool lift is an expensive piece of equipment, and by ensuring that it’s regularly maintained, you can be certain that it will have a long life and repay your investment many times over.