A Guide To Hot Tub Hoists & Pool Lifts

How Much Is A Hot Tub Hoist Or Swimming Pool Lift?

The price of a pool hoist or pool lift starts around £3500 for a basic manual model. This figure then increases to over £5000 for a fully automatic battery powered pool lift which has added features such as waterproof handheld controls and then rises again to over £7000 for more top-of-the-range technically advanced solutions. A state-of-the-art submersible platform lift, like the Pool Pod, can cost in the region of £32000 - £35000.

Best Value Fixed Pool Hoists & Lifts

If you are looking for an affordable pool lift solution, there are a couple of options which can provide step free access to swimming pools and hot tubs.

The EZ Pool Lift is one of the most affordable products on the market. This manually operated fixed lift is ideal for home swimming pools or hot tubs and commercial venues. The lift can be used on in-ground pools and spas but can also accommodate raised edges or wall heights of up to 26". The device is anchored to the floor and comes with a durable and adjustable sling seat.

If budget allows, you may want to consider investing an extra few hundred pounds in the next model up. While the Power EZ™ Lift ™ is not fully automatic, it does incorporate a battery-powered actuator to smoothly raise and lower the person using the waterproof remote control. Rotation of the lift is manual. Again, this lift is fixed to the floor and can overcome a wall or raised edge of up to 24" (60cm) high and can be set back between 12" - 20" (30cm - 50cm) from the pool edge.

Top of this product range but still affordable is the Super Power EZ Lift. It shares similar features with the Power EZ™ Lift but is capable of clearing wall heights up to 58” (147cm) and 10” (25cm) wide.

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Budget Pool Hoist - EZ Manual Pool Lift

Best Value Portable Pool Lift

The Eco Pool is a reliable, safe portable pool lift at a reasonable cost. It can transfer users from the changing room to the poolside in a safe, comfortable and functional manner.

Really simple to operate, Eco Pool is compact, which makes it easy to manoeuvre in smaller spaces. While this product is manually pushed, it does have battery-assisted lifting and lowering.

This Eco Pool lift is suitable for swimming pools and hot tubs which are ground level (no wall or raised edge) with the person being lifted down into the water.

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Budget Portal Pool Hoist - The Eco Pool Lift

Mid-Range Priced Fixed Pool Lifts

One of our most popular fixed pool lift solutions for swimming pools and hot tubs which are above ground is the F100. It has an automatic lift and lower with a manually operated rotating arm. The slightly more expensive F100M has automatic lifting, lowering and a motorised rotating arm, offering total independence to the user. Spas and hotels particularly like the F100 range because of its compact modern appearance.

If you are looking for a fully automatic fixed pool lift for an in-ground swimming pool or hot tub then consider the Ranger Lift.

Its unobtrusive low profile design is ideal for any sports facility or hotel but also for private individuals who want to retain their independence in the comfort of their own home. This automatic lift is designed to be operated by the user allowing full control with a 2-way hand-held control. A reverse configuration is available for users who need to transfer from the right instead of the left side.

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Mid-Range Pool Hoist for Hut Tubs - F100

Mid-Range Priced Portable Pool Lifts

Portable pool lifts are incredibly popular because they can transport a person from the changing room to the poolside in a dignified manner. Also, they can be stored away when not in use. They are typically designed to lift a person down into the water and are therefore only suitable only for use with in-ground swimming pools and hot tubs.

The Blu Pod is a well-established portable pool lift which has been on the market for over 10 years. The Blu Pod is simple to operate with a clean modern appearance. Due to the popularity of this product, the manufacturers have advanced the design to produce the Blu Pod Deluxe (bestselling product of 2020). This product is more expensive than the Blue Pod (at just under £8000) but has extra features such as an automatic integrated braking system, 2-speed automatic handling and motorised lift and lower. The Blu Pod Deluxe also has a much greater lifting capacity of 150kg.

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Mid-range priced portable pool lift - Blu Pod

Top-Of-The-Range Fixed Pool Lifts

The Pro Pool fixed pool lift has all the features of the Ranger Lift but offers a greater lifting capacity of 32 stones (204kg). It has a side-mounted seat and an adjustable seat pole. This feature allows you to adjust the seat from 18” to 23”, making lateral transfers from higher wheelchairs easier. It is suitable for in-ground pools and hot tubs.

If there is a wall or a raised edge, then you will need a Spa Elite. This product has been designed for use with hot tubs, spas and swim spas. It is powered by a 24V rechargeable battery and operated using a 4-way hand-held control. The lift is fully automatic so users, if able, can operate it themselves to help retain their independence.

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Top of the range fixed pool lifts and hoists

Top-Of-The-Range Portable Pool Lifts

The Pelican Pool Lift is the first portable pool lift able to overcome architectural barriers such as walls or raised edges (up to 50cm high) thanks to its advanced technical features. It is priced around £9200 and comes with a fully automatic seat rotation system, offering users more autonomy getting in and out of the water.

You cannot get better than the Panda Pod in terms of ease of operation. It is fully motorised so the operator can effortlessly steer the person into position with minimal effort. Once the lift is in position at the poolside, the chair is lowered down into the water by an attendant operating the controls on the lift control panel. An optional handset control is also available for this model. Suitable only for in-ground swimming pools, hot tubs and swim spas.

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Top of the range portable lifts and hoists for swimming pools

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