Hot Tub Hoists for ease of access

Can a hot tub have disabled access? The answer is yes: a hoist can be installed to give people with reduced mobility an easier way of getting in and out of the hot tub or spa.

There is now a massive range of hot tubs and spas available which are suitable for garden installation. However, when it comes to access, they are not particularly’ easy to get in and out of without the aid of a hoist solution.

If you are comfortable and physically able to step down into the water then consider an inground spa. Although they require extra labour to install because they are built in, there are no high sides or walls to navigate. Another benefit is the option of having a portable or fixed pool lift solution.

A portable pool lift is designed to safely lift a person into and out of the water. They also provide an ideal solution to transport people with limited mobility to the spa side. Because they are portable, they can be neatly stored away when not in use which is ideal if space is limited.

Please note that a portable pool lift solution is only suitable for inground spas; if you have a raised edge higher than 50cm then you will require a fixed pool lift.

Our latest portable pool lift

The Pelican Pool lift is a new portable pool lift solution. It can overcome architectural barriers such as walls or raised edges (up to 50 cm high) thanks to its advanced technical features.

The Pelican Pool lift has a maximum lifting capacity of 140kg and a travel of 1600mm. The seat can be automatically moved up/down and left/right using the mobile push-button panel. This practical seat rotation system allows users more autonomy getting in and out the water.

Safety features include a manual brake on the rear wheels, side stabilisers and an emergency button. The Pelican Pool Lift comes with a 2-point safety belt (4 and 5 safety belts are optional extras), removable leg supports, adjustable armrests and a headrest.

The compact design and folding seat make this product a great space-saving solution as it  can be conveniently stored away. The Pelican Pool lift is affordable, durable and offers ease of use with its removable rechargeable battery.

Hot tub access

A hot tub is a popular choice with consumers because it is self-contained, portable and affordable. The only consideration may be its high sides which limit its access.

Luckily, there is a solution. A fixed hot tub lift or hoist, as they are also commonly known , is designed to travel up and then down into the water. For example, the F100 & F100M are designed to clear walls up to 80cm and Super Power EZ lift is designed to clear walls up to 147 cm high.

A hot tub hoist can be easily installed onto a concrete pad or base or can be drilled into the ground with secure fixings. We recommend using one of our qualified engineers to ensure the correct fitting and position of your product.

Best hoist solution for a hot tub

We like the  Spa Ultra because of its modern appearance and because it is fully automatic so the user can retain their independence. The Spa Ultra is powered by a 24V rechargeable battery and operated using a 4-way hand-held control.

The lift is able to rotate through 360° and is supplied with a moulded seat with lap belt and adjustable leg rest. The Spa Ultra can rise over a wall up to 129cm (51 “).

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Why not browse our full range of hoists for hot tubs and spas? If you have any questions about these products, please get in contact. We can also arrange an access survey at your earliest convenience.