A Guide To Hot Tub Hoists & Lifts

Can you use a pool lift or spa hoist for a hot tub?

Getting in and out of a hot tub is totally possible with the help of a pool lift or spa hoist. There are several different options currently available which are suitable for the home environment. We have created this useful guide to the latest pool lifts and hoists which are suitable for a home hot tub, jacuzzi or swim spa.

If your hot tub or swim spa is fully in the ground, then you can choose from one of our portable pool lift solutions. However, most hot tubs and swim spas are partially above ground or have a wall or raised edge, therefore you will need a fixed pool lift or if there is only a small difference in height (up to 50 cm) then you could consider the revolutionary Pelican Pool Lift. Here are the options.

Pelican Pool Lift (Portable)

Customers who have been limited to fixed pool lift solutions for above ground hot tubs can now enjoy the benefits of a portable option. The Pelican Pool lift is the first portable pool lift able to overcome architectural barriers such as walls or raised edges (up to 50 cm high) thanks to its advanced technical features.

The Pelican Pool lift has a maximum lifting capacity of 140kg and a travel of 1600mm. The seat can be automatically moved up/down, left/right using the mobile push-button panel. Safety features include a manual brake on the rear wheels, side stabilizers and an emergency button.

The compact design and folding seat make this product a great space-saving solution which can be conveniently stored away. The Pelican Pool Lift is affordable, durable and offers ease of use with its removable rechargeable battery.

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Pelican Pool Lift - A portable access hoist for hot tubs

F100 & F100M Pool Lift (Fixed)

The F100 & F100M are both fixed, motorised pool hoists ideal for above ground or walled hot tubs. The F100 has automatic lift and lower with a manually operated rotating arm whereas the F100M rotating arm is motorised. Both these models require fixing to a concrete block of 60x60x60 cm.

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A fixed access hoist for raised hot tubs and spas

Super Power EZ2 (Fixed)

This battery powered fixed hoist is suitable for above ground hot tubs. It is capable of clearing wall heights up to 58” (147cm) and 10” (25cm) wide. The hoist is battery assisted to give a smooth lift and lower function. The hoist has a manual rotation which requires a helper to rotate the lift across the pool or hot tub wall.

This hot tub hoist is installed into a single poolside socket and is supplied with a mesh sling seat and adjustable chains to allow users the benefit of a safe comfortable fit.

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Motorised hoist for access to hot tub

Spa Ultra Fixed Lift and Spa Elite Fixed Lift (Fixed)

The Spa Ultra is fully automatic so the user can retain their independence. It is powered by a 24V rechargeable battery and operated using a 4-way hand-held control. The Spa Ultra can rotate 360°and raise over a wall up to 129cm (51”). The model comes with a moulded seat with lap belt and adjustable leg rest.

The Spa Elite Lift looks very similar to the Spa Ultra lift but is able to lift over a higher wall of up to 68” (172 cm) high, as a result the Elite has a lower lifting capacity.

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Automatic access hoist for hot tubs

Free Access Survey For Fixed Hot Tub Hoist

The Pool Lift Company is offering a complimentary access survey to customers wanting to install a fixed hot tub hoist. Get in contact to book your appointment or to find out more information about our range of pool lift solutions.

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