Finding Pool Lifts On Holiday

Finding Pool Lifts On Holiday

There is always plenty to consider when booking your summer holiday. At this time of year, with so many of us booking our summer breaks and dreaming of the sun, it’s difficult to pay attention to every detail.

The Pool Is Important

If you or someone in your party has a disability, then one very important factor to consider is pool lifts. Swimming is great physical therapy as well as being extremely enjoyable when it’s hot and sunny, so access to a good swimming pool is really important. Equally, if you book into a hotel with spa facilities, you want to make sure that all your party can enjoy the benefits. If the beach where you’re going is less than wheelchair-friendly, the pool can be the centre of your holiday.

Unfortunately, not all hotels have adequate pool lifts. In the USA, all new hotels have to have at least one fixed pool lift installed, but older hotels don’t. In other countries, the regulations vary so it’s important to do your research before making your final decision.

Not all hotels have a pool, or an exclusive pool – some share facilities. The first thing you must be sure of is that the hotel you are going to has a good swimming pool that all guests can use. Most online booking sites allow you to specify “pool” as one of your search filters.


Once you’ve found a hotel with a pool, you need to ensure that it and the rest of the hotel will be properly accessible for you. Everybody’s needs are different, and a hotel may be perfect for one traveller but frustrating or inaccessible for another. Once you’ve found a hotel that you like the look of, contact it directly.

It is important to contact the individual hotel, not the call centre for the chain of hotels. You need to know details about the specific hotel that you’re considering. If the hotel staff’s first language is unlikely to be English, then you may want to email instead. That way, staff can run your requests through Google Translate or call in the best English speaker they have – and there will be a record of the information you were given.

Tell them that you need a pool lift, and make sure that they answer your questions in detail. You will need to know how deep the pool is, how easy it is to reach and exactly what kind of lift they have. There are many different types of swimming pool lifts, and you need to be confident that you can use the one at your hotel. If possible, ask them to send you a picture. The more information that you have about the pool and the lift, the better. Ask about the opening times of the pool, and the temperature. Is it heated? If so, to what temperature? Finally, enjoy your holiday - every minute of it.