A cost-effective solution for water accessibility

A cost-effective solution for water accessibility

The Pool Lift Company is developing its range of pool lift products to appeal to all budgets. The new Eco Pool Lift provides a cost effective disabled access portable pool lift solution that also delivers on design and performance.

The new Eco Pool Lift enables the operator to manually transport the user from the changing area to the pool side without having to use a wheelchair. Safety features include a service brake on the rear wheels and  2-point safety belts (4 and 5-point harnesses are also available). The Eco Pool Lift has a removable leg support and comes with a headrest.

At the pool side the operator uses a simple mobile push-button panel to control the up and down movement. This smart device is battery assisted allowing the operator to smoothly lower and lift its user in and out of the water with minimal effort. The Eco Pool Lift has a maximum capacity of 136 kg and an arm travel of 1260 mm. Lowering time into the water with weight is 20 seconds and lifting is 25 seconds.

The Eco Pool Lift has all the essential elements needed to ensure good performance in terms of reliability and safety for its user at a reasonable cost. Its compact design means it can be easily moved around in small spaces and neatly stored away when not in use. This portable pool lift device is suitable for any swimming pool which is ground level (no wall or raised edge) and the person is being lifted down into the water.

The Pool Lift Company’s innovative range of fixed and portable pool lift products consider every type of environment and scenario so that people with disabilities, the elderly, or someone who is recovering from injury or an operation, can enjoy swimming, hydrotherapy and even just relaxing in a hot tub.

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