Bring On The Blu Pod Deluxe: A Bestselling Pool Hoist Solution

The Pool Lift Company, who specialise in fixed and portable pool hoists for swimming pools and hot tubs, reveal that the Blu Pod Deluxe was its bestselling product in 2020.

Customers looking for a cost-effective and compact portable pool hoist solution which can be easily stored, are snapping up the Blu Pod Deluxe. With its improved design and greater lifting capacity, this innovative pool hoist has top of the range features and a modern appearance.

The Blu Pod Deluxe is totally portable and can be manually pushed with minimal effort. This enables carers and attendants to transport swimmers from the changing room to poolside without the need for a wheelchair.

Further ease of use is provided by the motorised lift and lower action which can only be activated once the handbrake is applied. This allows operators to safely and smoothly lower the swimmer in and out of the water. The Blu Pod Deluxe can also be controlled by its user with handset (optional extra), allowing them complete autonomy over their experience.

The Blu Pod Deluxe has a maximum 140kg lifting capacity and is suitable for in-ground swimming pools and hot tubs without walls or raised edges. It comes with a range of safety features and a manual emergency operating system in case of electric failure.

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