Benefits of Hot Tubs in Winter

Having a hot tub in the garden is a great way to continue enjoying your outdoor space during the winter evenings. Braving the cold short journey from your nice warm house into the hot tub is well worth it as you will be rewarded with the most restorative experience.

Relieves aching muscles

There is a reason why all the best ski resorts have hot tubs. The warm water can aid blood circulation, reduce swelling, loosen tight muscles and offer relief to painful joints and tendons. Whether you are sitting in front of a computer or carrying out a manual job, your body will thank you for giving it this precious time to relax, recover and restore itself.

Helps you sleep better

Stress, anxiety and aches and pains can all cause sleepless nights. Relaxing in a hot tub at night can help relieve these physical and mental pressures, enabling you to get a better night’s sleep. Also, your body temperature cools down after you have exited the hot tub which is another reason why you might sleep better as apparently feeling slightly colder helps you sleep deeper – it is a well-known fact that keeping your room a little cooler aids sleep.

Time to chat

Relaxing in a hot tub with a loved one or friend is a wonderful time to chat without the distractions of mobile phones, televisions, or general noise. It can improve your social life but also benefit relationships. As you feel more relaxed, you become a more chilled person to be around. It could be that time in the day which you set aside for some much needed togetherness.

Appreciate the natural world

How often do you just sit and listen to nature? Sitting in your hot tub is a perfect chance to absorb night sounds whether it is an owl, a fox or even simply just the rustling of leaves. You also look up into the sky, something else we rarely do day to day as we are all too busy looking down at our mobile phones, laptops or tablets. Sitting under the stars is not only a wonderful way to learn about the constellations but you can also practise mindfulness.


Water naturally supports your body and takes weight off joints. It can help you feel free, more flexible and able to move in a way which may not be otherwise possible. Winter weather can be especially tough for those who suffer from arthritis therefore helping to keep joints warm and supple by using a hot tub will be beneficial. If you are struggling to get in and out of a hot tub or see the high sides as an obstacle then consider a fixed hot tub hoist or lift to help you remain independent.

Check out our range of hot tub hoists or arrange for one of our specialists to give you a call to discuss the best way to make your hot tub fully accessible.