Accessible Swimming Pool Upgrades

Accessible Swimming Pool Upgrades

Many fitness centres and leisure centres across the UK are upgrading their facilities with the aim of making them more accessible for disabled users. In particular, swimming pools are being upgraded and improved to make it easier for people with a wide range of mobility issues to use the pools.

Why Is Swimming Important?

Swimming is excellent exercise for everybody, disabled or not. It does, however, have particular benefits for people with mobility issues. Swimming is a non-impact activity, and the water supports your body as you exercise, making it suitable for everybody. Swimming activities are excellent physical therapy as well as being very enjoyable, and that’s why it’s important to ensure that disabled people have access to swimming facilities. Swimming pool lifts are vital to providing this access.

What Changes Do Centres Need to Make?

Many centres in the UK are already very accessible. It’s very rare for changes to be needed to the pool itself. The most common changes that need to be made are to help people get to, into and out of the pool. Accessible changing rooms, ramps and especially swimming pool lifts all help people to enjoy swimming without having to struggle to reach the pool. Swimming can be enjoyed by people of all ages and levels of fitness.

Crewe Lifestyle Centre

In Crewe, the £15 million Lifestyle Centre will be opening in 2016. This facility has been designed with disabled access in mind at all times. The changing rooms offer mobility aids to ensure access for disabled users, and there are advanced hydraulic lifts in place to help disabled swimmers into and out of the pool.


In Dartmouth, charitable donations have ensured that an indoor swimming pool being planned and built at the top end of the town will have full disabled access. Dartmouth United Charities have donated money specifically for a disabled pool lift in recognition of the importance of swimming as physical therapy and as a pastime which all ages and levels of ability can enjoy. The completion of this facility is eagerly anticipated for the benefits it will bring to the community.

It’s not just new swimming pools that can benefit from the installation of a new pool lift. Swimming pools differ in many ways, but there is a range of pool lifts to accommodate these differences and allow people with disabilities access to the benefits of the swimming pool. Lifts can be fixed in place or mobile, and they can be used with pools that are at floor level, that have raised sides or that are sunk into the ground. They have different power options and different lifting techniques, depending on the needs of the user or users, but they all make swimming that much easier if you have a disability.