Is a pool hoist on your list of facilities?

There's already huge demand for UK holidays in 2021. But how many of these cottages, campsites and holiday parks offer accessible swimming pools and hot tubs?

When the lockdown restrictions were eased in England on 4th July 2020, holiday firms experienced an enormous surge in bookings as people desperately tried to book a break away from the monotony of their own four walls. The heatwave and months of missing out on day trips to the seaside sent everyone in a spin to secure that ‘much needed’ summer holiday - albeit a UK one.

Holiday accommodation became fully booked almost overnight and prices rocketed. It was almost impossible to find anywhere to stay so imagine how difficult it was trying to find a place which was also accessible and had facilities like a swimming pool with a hoist

We did some research to find out how easy it is to source a holiday home with this facility by Googling 'holiday cottages with a pool hoist'.

The top result was They list a total of 44 holiday cottages and parks across England, Wales and Scotland which have a pool hoist. We also found lots of accessible holiday accommodation with swimming pools but only a few advertise that they have a pool hoist.

Considering there are 14.1 million disabled people in the UK and the total spending power of families with at least one disabled person is estimated at £274 billion a year (Scope: disability facts and figures), surely this is a huge opportunity for holiday cottages with swimming pools to invest in a pool hoist?

It is inevitable that this year there will be an increased demand for holiday accommodation in the UK as we Brits stay closer to home because of COVID-19 restrictions. We urge holiday parks, holiday cottages and camping sites with a swimming pool to make it accessible to all by investing in a pool hoist, so no one misses out.