Accessible Beaches - A Hot Topic This Summer

With many of us planning staycations or UK-based holidays this year, undoubtedly there will be an increased demand for wheelchair-friendly beach huts, accessible beaches and beach wheelchairs.

A trip to a seaside resort can quickly turn into a nightmare without a nice easy slope or ramp down to the beach. You are then faced with the impossible task of trying to push a wheelchair over sand. To quite literally avoid that sinking feeling, carrying out research to find accessible beaches which have beach wheelchair hire facilities is key before setting off.

The design of beach wheelchairs like many other mobility products has greatly improved in terms of functionality but also in appearance. They now look funky with their bright balloon-shaped tyres and modern stripy chair fabrics. Both highly portable and durable, modern beach wheelchairs have revolutionised the whole beach experience for those who are disabled, elderly or recovering from illness or injury.

There are also beach wheelchairs which have been designed to float, enabling people to enjoy ease of access into the sea. As an example, Water Wheels is a simple yet life-changing product which effortlessly rolls over sand and can be floated out to the water. It features highly visible floating armrests and puncture-resistant and non-corrosive balloon flotation tyres. Everything about this product has been made with the user in mind from its comfortable seat to its smooth travel. The breathable, mildew-resistant mesh seat dries out quickly and the whole product is easily assembled and dismantled in less than a minute without the need for tools. The wheelchair folds flat so it can be stored away or transported in a vehicle.

The cost of these innovative floating wheelchairs starts at around £2250 which arguably is expensive for an individual. Unless you are going to be using it all the time for water activities, it is likely to be far cheaper to rent one. Imagine if every popular seaside resort had a fleet of Water Wheels for hire! Hopefully, we are not too far away from seeing this as we have recently witnessed a new wave of customers including local authorities, private sports clubs and holiday resorts wanting to trial Water Wheels.

For demonstrations or to organise a trial of our Water Wheels product, please contact us.