Information & Services

The Pool Lift Company recognise that project and programme delays caused by third party suppliers and contractors are simply unacceptable in today’s construction industry. With this in mind we have developed a methodology that ensures our lifts go in first time, every time, on time.

Lift installation & commissioning services

When it comes to installation and commissioning our entire approach, from pre-delivery inspection through to commissioning and operator training, has been developed to ensure that the installation is right first time and there are no costly delays. Find out more –

  • Full site survey with site specific drawings & risk assessment
  • Installation to your project time line
  • ISO 9000 accredited

Lift regulatory & safety information

We consider our organisation to be amongst the best in the industry. Accordingly, we aim to ensure that our staff are always up to speed with prevailing regulatory requirements and industry best practice.

We have provided a few key documents here to provide some background reading on the regulations and best practice for lift installations.