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Our Hot Tub and Spa Hoists lift you smoothly into the water

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Why buy from The Pool Lift Company?

The Biggest Range Of Pool Lift Solutions

We have sourced only the best spa hoists and pool lifts available in the market. We have solutions to provide step free access to water activities for every type of application including swimming pools, hot tubs, swim spas and open water swimming.

Over 20 Years Of Experience

We work closely with our sister company, The Platform Lift Company who specialises in the design, build and installation of home and platform lift solutions. This means our customers benefit from our combined expertise in providing disability access solutions.

A Friendly Personal Service

As a family run business we take customer service very seriously. We are always at the end of the phone during working hours to answer your questions and to make sure your delivery and installation is carried out to your satisfaction.

Our Hot Tub Lifts and Spa Hoists lift you smoothly into the water

Hot tubs and spas can be made accessible with the installation of a Hot Tub or Spa Hoist, also commonly known as a lift. This means that people who have limited mobility or are disabled can enjoy the luxury of the bubbles and relax knowing they are able to safely get out of the water at their leisure and they can enjoy all the benefits of water therapy.

What you need to know about a Hot Tub Lifts and Spa Hoists

A hot tub or spa hoist is also called a lift depending on the product name. If you have an above ground hot tub, jacuzzi or spa then you will need a fixed lift/hoist. This is because you will be travelling up and then down into the water – a portable lift/hoist is designed to lift down and therefore wouldn’t be able reach over the height of the hot tub. For example, the F100 & F100M are designed to clear walls up to 80cm and Super Power EZ lift is designed to clear walls up to 147 cm high

Some Hot Tub and Spa Hoists/Lifts are installed by being fixed onto a concrete pad or base, other models require drilling into the ground for secure fixing. Installation can be carried out by one of our fully trained engineering staff, alternatively you can arrange for your own installation and we will provide full instructions for this. Our range of products are either battery or manually operated. Products like the Spa Ultra, Spa Elite and F100M are fully automatic for independent operation they even turn left and right.

Safety and comfort

Each of these products have been designed to offer a great user experience. All our lifts & hoists comply with DDA regulations and are CE Mark to indicate that they conform with relevant EU directives regarding health and safety. We can help advise you on the best access solution for your hot tub/spa/jacuzzi.