Enhancing Hot Tub Accessibility: A Guide to Hoist Solutions

Enhancing Hot Tub Accessibility: A Guide to Hoist Solutions

The answer is a resounding yes – hot tubs can indeed be made accessible for individuals with reduced mobility. Installing a hoist is the key to providing a more manageable way for people with limited mobility to enter and exit hot tubs or spas. Despite the wide variety of hot tubs and spas suitable for garden installation, when it comes to accessibility, many can be challenging to navigate without the assistance of a hoist solution.

If you are comfortable and physically able to step into the water, an inground spa might be the right choice. While they require extra labor for installation due to being built into the ground, they eliminate high sides or walls to navigate. Furthermore, inground spas offer the option of a portable or fixed pool lift solution.

A portable pool lift is designed to safely lift individuals in and out of the water and can also transport people with limited mobility to the spa side. The portability factor allows for convenient storage when not in use, making it an ideal space-saving solution.

Please note that a portable pool lift is suitable for inground spas; however, if you have a raised edge higher than 50cm, a fixed pool lift becomes necessary.

Our latest portable pool lift, the Pelican Pool lift, overcomes architectural barriers with its advanced technical features, capable of handling walls or raised edges up to 50 cm high. It boasts a maximum lifting capacity of 140kg, automatic seat movement, and safety features like rear wheel brakes, side stabilizers, and an emergency button.

When it comes to hot tub access, a fixed hot tub lift or hoist is the solution. These hoists are designed to travel up and then down into the water, making hot tubs with high sides more accessible. For instance, the Spa Ultra, with its modern appearance and full automation, allows users to retain their independence. Powered by a 24V rechargeable battery and operated using a 4-way handheld control, the Spa Ultra can rise over a wall up to 129cm.

Explore our full range of hoists for hot tubs and spas for a comprehensive selection that caters to various needs. If you have any questions or require assistance, feel free to reach out. Additionally, we can arrange an access survey at your convenience to ensure the correct fitting and positioning of your chosen hoist solution. Accessibility and independence in enjoying hot tubs are now within reach with our reliable hoist solutions.

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