University Of Sheffield

University Of Sheffield

The University of Sheffield’s Sport Sheffield needed a new access solution for their swimming pool as their old hydraulic hoist was showing signs of corrosion. The traditional pool, which measures around 33 metres long and has a deep end of 4.0 deep, has ladder steps with handrails either end of the pool and is used daily by students and the public for wet leisure activities.

David Hallman Ltd, who provide maintenance for the pool, were asked by the University’s Water Compliance Manager to source a pool lift solution which would meet the University’s requirements for a portable solution which could be independently controlled by a user.

The Pool Lift Company recommended the Panda Pod, a top of the range, fully motorised mobile lift with automatic traction. The unique electric propulsion system, similar to a powered pallet truck, means swimmers can be transported effortlessly from the changing room to the poolside by an operator.

Once the Panda Pod is in position at the poolside, the chair can be lowered into the water either by an attendant operating the controls on the lift control panel or by the user themselves by means of the optional hand control.

The Panda Pod has a max arm travel of 1500 mm and is therefore suitable for the dropped water level. The product also met the University’s requirement for a mobile solution which can be easily stored and could still be used in the event of future upgrades like a new deck level pool.

Sport Sheffield are looking forward to improving the experience it offers any swimmers with mobility issues, thanks to the new Panda Pod.

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