LAGO is a Belgian group of subtropical swimming pools which each have their own sports pool, a recreational zone and various wellness facilities. The eight swimming pools within the group, soon to be joined by two more in the next few years, have become a major attraction with over 3 million visitors a year.

To enhance access to the wellness water facilities, LAGO required a portable pool lift with a hoist solution. Their current Handi-move system although functional, could only be used at fixed spots next to the pool therefore limiting access to the variety of water features. The group’s Operation Director, Tom Hillewaere contacted the Pool Lift Company having seen the Panda Pod being used at a pool in Hasselt.

“We were very impressed with the flexibly of the Panda Pod and the dignified access it provided to the water. Providing ‘access for all’ is a very important aspect of our business therefore we wanted to find the best possible solution.” Tom, LAGO.

The Pool Lift Company highlighted all the benefits of this top of the range fully motorised mobile pool lift including its unique electric propulsion system. An order for three Panda Pods was placed and the Pool Lift Company successfully delivered the products within the given timeframe.

Three of the subtropical swimming pools within the LAGO group now have a Panda Pod onsite which has improved accessibility to the wellness swimming pool areas. The motorised mobile Panda Pod also means that visitors with disabilities, or those who are recovering from injury or are elderly, can be transported with ease by an operator from the changing area to the poolside without the use of a wheelchair.

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