Freedom Leisure

Freedom Leisure

Freedom Leisure is a not-for-profit trust that provides sports, leisure and entertainment facilities to help people maintain a healthy, active and fun lifestyle. The organisation specified a replacement pool lift from The Pool Lift Company for its Freedom Leisure Cinderford venue.

The swimming pool at Freedom Leisure Cinderford, like several others in the group, is older in style and requires the addition of a pool lift solution to meet the needs of its less mobile and senior client base.

Due to its age, the existing fixed pool lift at the Cinderford centre kept failing and repair costs were becoming a burden on the Trust’s finances. Also, its positioning at the shallow end of the pool next to one of the changing rooms was causing a bottleneck during busy times.

Instead of getting a like-for-like replacement, Freedom Leisure decided that a portable version would provide a more practical and flexible solution with the available space. The user-friendly Blu-Pod from The Pool Lift Company met the client’s brief and available budget.

The purchase of the Blu-Pod is benefitting up to 20 individuals weekly from various schools and local community groups who use Freedom Leisure Cinderford on a regular basis. Its portable compact design means it can be positioned in any area of the swimming pool and stored away easily when not in use.

Having portable step-free access to the swimming pool has also created new opportunities for the Cinderford centre. An inclusive swim programme has been developed which has engaged new community members.

Due to the success of the Blu-Pod, Freedom Leisure has now purchased two more to replace the fixed pool lifts at their Lydney and Newent venues. Both centres have reported that the new portable pool lifts are attracting more customers to the facilities.

Freedom Leisure is now working towards its IFI (Inclusive Fitness Initiative) accreditation.

Dave Spencer, Area Manager Freedom Leisure, commented;

“After quite a bit of research I found a portable lift which would suit our needs. I contacted the Pool Lift Company to discuss options and agreed that the Blu-Pod lift would be a great asset to our many users and be much more user friendly than the previous lift. To add a little extra the Pool lift Company also added logo’s to give it a more personal feel to our organisation. The feedback we have had from staff who operate it is that it is very user friendly and customers have welcomed it.”

To discuss your swimming pool accessibility, please contact The Pool Lift Company.

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