INPOOL: Revolutionizing Access to Pools & Hot Tubs

INPOOL: Revolutionizing Access to Pools & Hot Tubs

The Pool Lift Company proudly introduces INPOOL, a pioneering and affordable addition to its product range. This fully compliant fixed pool lift solution is designed to provide independent access to in-ground swimming pools and hot tubs, catering to individuals with restricted mobility. INPOOL sets a new standard for accessibility, offering commercial businesses such as health spas, hotels, leisure centers, and sports facilities, as well as residential customers, an advanced and innovative way to create disabled access to aquatic amenities.

What sets INPOOL apart are its distinctive features. Firstly, its reduced dimensions create a more compact device, making it an ideal space-saving solution. Secondly, its modern appearance adds a touch of contemporary style to pool and hot tub environments. Lastly, its convenient design allows for easy movement and mounting to another location with minimal effort.

The technical features of INPOOL are tailored for practicality, safety, and user comfort. It includes a folding seat, a headrest, adjustable armrests, and a removable telescopic leg support. The IPX06 mobile push-button panel with a spiral cable empowers users to independently control the pool lift for seamless entry and exit from the water. Safety is paramount, with the inclusion of a 2-point safety belt as standard, and customers have the option to choose a 4- or 5-point harness for added security.

Built with durability in mind, INPOOL boasts a maximum load capacity of 140 kg. Its stainless-steel frame ensures longevity, and the removable, rechargeable battery offers an impressive 50 working cycles before requiring a recharge. The commitment to reliability extends to the installation process, which can be seamlessly handled by The Pool Lift Company’s fully qualified engineers.

INPOOL represents a leap forward in making swimming pools and hot tubs more accessible and inclusive. Its innovative design, combined with user-friendly features, positions it as a game-changer in the realm of pool lifts. Elevate your aquatic facilities with the modern and practical solution that INPOOL brings to the table.

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