A Comprehensive Guide to Hot Tub Hoists & Pool Lifts


A Comprehensive Guide to Hot Tub Hoists & Pool Lifts

Embarking on the journey to make swimming pools and hot tubs accessible involves considering a range of factors, from pricing to functionality. Let’s delve into the world of hot tub hoists and pool lifts, exploring options across different budgets and needs.

How Much Is a Hot Tub Hoist or Swimming Pool Lift?

Understanding the pricing spectrum is crucial when considering accessibility solutions. Basic manual models start around £3500, while fully automatic battery-powered pool lifts, equipped with features like waterproof handheld controls, can exceed £5000. Top-of-the-range, technically advanced solutions, such as the Pool Pod submersible platform lift, may cost in the region of £32000 – £35000.

Best Value Fixed Pool Hoists & Lifts

1. EZ Pool Lift: Starting from £3249, this manually operated fixed lift suits home swimming pools, hot tubs, and commercial venues. It accommodates raised edges or wall heights of up to 26″ and is anchored to the floor.

2. Power EZ™ Lift ™: Priced from £3850, this model, though not fully automatic, incorporates a battery-powered actuator for smooth raising and lowering. Manual rotation is required, and it can overcome a wall or raised edge of up to 24″ (60cm) high.

3. Super Power EZ Lift: Affordable yet capable, this lift can clear wall heights up to 58” (147cm) and is 10” (25cm) wide.

Best Value Portable Pool Lift

Eco Pool: A reliable and cost-effective portable pool lift with battery-assisted lifting and lowering. Suitable for ground-level swimming pools and hot tubs, starting at an accessible price point.

Mid-Range Priced Fixed Pool Lifts

1. F100 Range: Automatic lift and lower, with the F100M offering motorized rotating arms for total user independence. Ideal for above-ground swimming pools and hot tubs.

2. Ranger Lift: A fully automatic fixed pool lift designed for in-ground swimming pools or hot tubs. Unobtrusive low profile design with user-operated controls.

Mid-Range Priced Portable Pool Lifts

Blu Pod and Blu Pod Deluxe: The Blu Pod offers simplicity and modern design, while the Deluxe version adds features like an automatic integrated braking system, 2-speed automatic handling, and motorized lift and lower.

Top-Of-The-Range Fixed Pool Lifts

1. Pro Pool: Similar to the Ranger Lift but with a greater lifting capacity of 32 stones (204kg). Adjustable seat pole for lateral transfers.

2. Spa Elite: Ideal for hot tubs, spas, and swim spas with a wall or raised edge. Fully automatic, powered by a 24V rechargeable battery.

Top-Of-The-Range Portable Pool Lifts

Pelican Pool Lift: Priced around £9200, this portable lift overcomes architectural barriers like walls or raised edges (up to 50cm high) with a fully automatic seat rotation system.

Panda Pod: Fully motorized for easy operation, the Panda Pod allows effortless steering into position with minimal effort. Suitable for in-ground swimming pools, hot tubs, and swim spas.

Selecting the right hot tub hoist or pool lift involves weighing features against budget constraints. From affordable fixed options to top-of-the-range solutions, the market offers a diverse array of choices to enhance accessibility in aquatic environments.

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