A Comprehensive Guide to Hot Tub Hoists & Lifts

Spa Ultra Fixed Lift

A Comprehensive Guide to Hot Tub Hoists & Lifts

Navigating in and out of a hot tub becomes a seamless experience with the assistance of pool lifts or spa hoists. This guide introduces the latest options suitable for home hot tubs, jacuzzis, or swim spas, considering various configurations.

Can You Use a Pool Lift or Spa Hoist for a Hot Tub?

Absolutely. Pool lifts and spa hoists are designed to facilitate entry and exit from hot tubs, making them accessible for individuals with mobility challenges. The guide explores different options suitable for various home environments.

Pelican Pool Lift (Portable)

Revolutionizing portability, the Pelican Pool Lift is the first of its kind, overcoming architectural barriers like walls or raised edges (up to 50 cm high). With a maximum lifting capacity of 140kg and a travel of 1600mm, it offers advanced features, including automatic seat movement and safety features such as manual brakes and stabilizers.

F100 & F100M Pool Lift (Fixed)

Ideal for above-ground or walled hot tubs, the F100 & F100M are fixed, motorized pool hoists. The F100 features automatic lift and lower with a manually operated rotating arm, while the F100M incorporates a motorized rotating arm. Both models require fixing to a concrete block.

Super Power EZ2 (Fixed)

Battery-powered and suitable for above-ground hot tubs, the Super Power EZ2 can clear wall heights up to 58” (147cm). With a smooth lift and lower function, it has manual rotation, requiring assistance for rotation across the pool or hot tub wall.

Spa Ultra Fixed Lift and Spa Elite Fixed Lift (Fixed)

The Spa Ultra, fully automatic, empowers users with independence. Operating on a 24V rechargeable battery, it can rotate 360° and rise over a wall up to 129cm (51”). The Spa Elite Lift, similar in appearance, lifts over a higher wall (up to 68” or 172 cm), albeit with a lower lifting capacity.

Understanding the diverse options available allows individuals to choose the most suitable hot tub hoist or lift based on their specific needs and home setup. From portable solutions to fixed lifts, the market offers a range of accessibility solutions for an enhanced hot tub experience.

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