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Help make swimming accessible to all

One in five of the nation’s population is a disabled person. As a large proportion of all communities, the English Federation of Disability Sport believe that disabled people should have every opportunity to be as active as non-disabled people. Physical activity can make a fundamental difference to disabled people’s quality of life, increase independence and benefit our economy and yet disabled people’s activity levels remain low. Swimming could play a major part of this activity.

It has been just over a year since the EFDS launched their Charter for Change, to help more disabled people become active for life, it outlined the key changes needed to ensure many more disabled people can reap the benefits of being active.

The key points of the charter are:

  • Everyone involved in providing sport or physical activity will support disabled people to participate.
  • Disabled people will have the same opportunity as non-disable people to be active throughout their lives.
  • All communications about sport and physical activity will promote positive public attitudes towards disable people’s participation.

By purchasing one of our pool lifts you will not only be supporting the Charter but will also offer dignified, independent access to many people who would not usually attempt to swim due to access difficulty.

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