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Latest news for 2015

Why Are We Seeing A Decline In Swimming?

17 Dec 2015

Swimming is universally extolled as one of the most healthy and beneficial physical activities available to us. It is known to promote fitness, stamina and mental health and can be enjoyed by people of all ages and abilities. While it remains one of Britain’s most popular sports, however, numbers of active participants, at least in […]

How Do I Maintain My Pool Lift?

18 Nov 2015

The use of a pool lift makes it easier for people with disabilities to access swimming pool facilities. But whether they’re used privately or commercially, they require regular maintenance if they’re to continue to give reliable, trouble-free operation. Everyday Care There are various makes and models of pool lifts available – both portable units and […]

Which Pool Lift is Right For Me?

22 Oct 2015

When deciding on a pool lift or hoist, several factors should be considered. Firstly, who will use the lift? Also, will someone be available to operate the lift, and will the lift need to be fixed or portable? Should it be powered or hydraulic and, of course, what is the budget for the lift? Who […]

Britain’s Favourite Paralympic Swimmers

10 Oct 2015

The 2012 London Summer Paralympics was the start of something special in the UK. The fantastic performances by the Team GB Paralympic swim team opened many viewers’ eyes to the abilities and potential of disabled athletes and made overnight stars of the medal winners. Celebrating UK Talent Swimmers such as Ellie Simmonds, who had previously […]

Pool Lifts Making Waves Across the UK

15 Sep 2015

A pool lift can bring great benefits to a leisure facility and open up the area for people of all abilities. The popularity of these lifts has now reached the far north of the country, with an Orkney leisure centre recently having a lift fitted to their pool. The Pickaquay leisure centre is located in […]

Features for Private Pools Reaches New High

26 Aug 2015

There are few things that can compare to having a swimming pool in your back garden. The soft glimmer of the sunlight as it reflects off the gentle lapping water certainly makes for quite a sight. In the United States, domestic swimming pools have been popular for many years, and that popularity shows no signs […]

25 Years of ADA Regulations

12 Aug 2015

The Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) came into effect over 25 years ago. It was brave and sweeping legislation which aimed to ensure access for all disabled persons in all manner of activities from shopping to swimming. Until the ADA was passed, most Americans with disabilities found that using a wheelchair or having reduced mobility […]

Pool Lifts Making Water Exercise Easier for Disabled Individuals

23 Jul 2015

Pools that provide facilities for disabled swimmers allow those people to stay fit without adding undue strain to their bodies. This in turn leads to a feeling of empowerment, as people defy their disabilities by staying active. Pool lifts, having gone national in the UK since their successful introduction at the London 2012 Olympic and […]

What’s the difference between a permanent and portable pool lift?

23 Jul 2015

Changes in the United States to the swimming pool accessibility regulations have left many businesses across the United Kingdom wondering whether their own facilities are up to standard. The US regulations require all public pools to feature a means of access for those who are less able. This can either be in the form of […]

ADA Swimming Pool Regulations could be on their way to UK

23 Jul 2015

Legislation covering access to public buildings for people with disabilities has been in place in the UK since 2004. But while these rules allow disabled or wheelchair access through the front door, and sometimes between internal floors, they do not necessarily allow them access to every sports facility. Coping with this anomaly was the motivation […]

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